How Caseworker Keeps You on Top of Your Workload

We’ve talked previously about how Caseworker can enhance your engagement with your constituents - but did you know that we can also help you keep on top of your workload, giving you what you need to deliver real results. Every Councillor knows that queries to Council officers can sometimes be missed or deadlines for a response can pass. But it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be chased and when, especially if everything has different timescales. That’s unless you use Caseworker! With Caseworker, every time you take an action - like sending an email to »

How Caseworker enhances your engagement

One of the great things about is that it helps Councillors manage engagement with their residents in the most efficient possible way. But the true value of Caseworker is that it doesn’t just provide you with an easy way to manage an issue and do the basics, it makes enhancing that engagement simple too. So, what exactly does Caseworker allow you to do that enhances your day to day work? What difference does it make? Let's say a Councillor has been contacted by multiple constituents about a number of problematic potholes on the High Street. Whenever you »

Voter.ID - Delivering campaign success in Mayo

On the 9th of May, Rebekha Sharkie resigned as the Federal Member for Mayo, one of many MPs forced to resign that week as a result of dual citizenship issues. After her announcement, most people assumed that the seat would return to Liberal hands and Liberal party donors flooded the seat with money. Local rumours put Liberal party spend in the seat as high as $1million, most likely outspending Rebekha Sharkie’s campaign by ten to one. Despite all of this, Rebekha and her team delivered an amazing result. Rebekha promised to be an independent voice from the "sensible Centre" »

Caseworker Updates

We're always looking for ways to update and improve Caseworker, as we strive to continue providing a product that gets even more useful for all of our users. We are planning to release some of our bigger ideas with the coming launch of our Version 2 product, which we believe will be as revolutionary as Version 1 of Caseworker was. But big changes take a bit of time to get perfect! So that's why we have decided this week to roll out the first slightly smaller but, we believe, still really useful change to the Caseworker system. We've decided to »

Caseworker's Record Year

In the last 12 months we're proud to say that we've had record growth across all of our Caseworker products. Since March 2017 we've seen huge increases in the number of elected representatives we provide services for, the overall amount of data being stored in our systems and the level of correspondence we help them manage. These stats are yet more evidence of our impressive track record of delivering reliable services for elected representatives at all levels, from Councillors to MPs, all around the world. Most importantly we deliver these results and help elected representatives manage high volumes of correspondence »

Incumbency and Caseworker: Part 2

If you've read Part 1 of this post, you know that casework is a vital point at which elected representatives interact with their constituents, and where long lasting impressions can be made. But how does Caseworker help? The basics Caseworker helps make a positive impact on how elected representatives are perceived by their constituents by making the basics as efficient as possible, and by making some more advanced engagement simple. The first thing Caseworker does is to make the day to day job of replying to people, and ensuring work gets done easy. We do this in a number of »

Incumbency and Caseworker: Part 1

Most Members of Parliament, and other elected representatives throughout the UK, often focus on incumbency in terms of raising their profile, getting their name out there, and building an image of an active member of the community, as well as a political representative. A central means of achieving this aim has traditionally been about appearing in local newspapers, however elected representatives increasingly want to supplement this by building a social media profile too. But engaging with either form of media primarily intends to show activity and engagement. It may focus on visiting local schools, clearing up a park, meeting with »

Real Improvements Don't Take Long With Caseworker

At Caseworker we know very well that every office works in a slightly different way. After all, nearly 400 offices use our systems in the UK, so we have a lot of evidence! But even so, all our different users find that Caseworker suits them, no matter how they work. How do we know this? One of the things we do is ask new offices to give us their first impressions after just a few weeks of using Caseworker. And we're pleased to see that even in this short time, they're already seeing great results. Every single one of the »

Don't Listen to Us - Listen to Our Users

Every year at Elected Technologies we survey the users of our products. Although we speak to our users every day, the survey is a useful opportunity to proactively ask them to give us feedback on the system, find out which features they do or don’t like, and discover what they’d want to see improved or changed. We see this process as such an important part of the comprehensive support service we provide – constantly improving the system users pay for, and being as responsive as possible to what they really need. Our support team isn’t just here to »