Caseworker in Canada

We're excited to announce that in the coming months Elected Technologies will be launching Caseworker in Canada!

In just a couple of years, Caseworker quickly became the market dominant correspondence and casework management software in UK politics - and we're growing fast in Australia and New Zealand too! We're proud of our track record of delivery of providing reliable, helpful, easy-to-use software to elected representatives in regional and national Parliaments around the world.  But we also know that we've got to this position by listening to what our users are saying.

That's why we're currently undertaking a series of surveys with the offices of various elected representative's offices in Canada. We want to make sure that we fully understand the needs of our future Canadian clients, and the Caseworker system is perfect for them.

If you're based in Canada and would like to learn more about what Caseworker could do for you, please get in touch with our team today by sending us a quick email. We'll be more than happy to help out!