Caseworker Updates

We're always looking for ways to update and improve Caseworker, as we strive to continue providing a product that gets even more useful for all of our users.

We are planning to release some of our bigger ideas with the coming launch of our Version 2 product, which we believe will be as revolutionary as Version 1 of Caseworker was. But big changes take a bit of time to get perfect! So that's why we have decided this week to roll out the first slightly smaller but, we believe, still really useful change to the Caseworker system.

We've decided to move away from using Google Maps for the Cases Map, and we will instead use OpenStreetMap from now on. This allows us to be a bit more flexible about how data is displayed.

The first impact of this, is that it allows clustering of cases when there are large numbers of cases in a particular area. This then separates out into individual case markers as you zoom in.

The second impact is that we can now allow filtering of the map by Case Type. That will allow users to identify clusters of particular issues that might have a geographical element to them. It will also allow users to declutter the map slightly, especially if they have hundreds of cases created in the last month.

We think this small change will help Caseworker users get quite a bit more out of using the Case Map, and we hope to make this an even more useful tool as time moves on.