Caseworker Version 2!

We've been working on a new version of Caseworker for quite a while now, so it's really exciting that we're now at a point where users have started using it.

After collating and reviewing all the feedback we've had from our customers over the years, our development team have been focusing on a couple of things. Firstly, refreshing the user interface which had stayed relatively static since 2017, to fit in with the modern web, as well making it more suitable for modern devices with larger screens and higher definition displays. The other focus has been delivering as many of the features our users have been requesting as possible, while making it easier to develop new features more quickly in the future.

We've also made some more boring technical changes to help the system run faster, as well as making it easier for us to manage on our end. We will also host our UK customer's data within the UK, rather than the EU.

All new offices that sign up to Caseworker now get Version 2 by default, and our existing users will be transferred over in the coming months. There won't be any impact on these existing users either. If you're an existing Caseworker office, you'll just log in on the day you've been transferred, in the exact same way as before, and you'll see the new interface and new features.

So what are these new features? There's quite a few, but some of the highlights are:

  • Choose whether you sort the inbox by the oldest items first or the newest items first.
  • Find all of your sent items in your Caseworker inbox, in addition to being able to see the usual inbox view, and drafts.
  • On the Cases page, choose whether you're filtering by review date, last actioned or case creation date - this means you can now see other users' review dates too!
  • You can now export out whatever information you want from the Cases page to a .CSV file.
  • Mark a constituent in a variety of ways as 'do not contact' i.e. phone, letter, email or all.
  • You can now choose a custom date range from the statistics page, rather than having to choose a pre-existing option.
  • Multiple email signatures, you can now set up an email signature for each address you can send from.
  • Images in email signatures - enter whatever image you want in the email signature editor.

And there's still quite a few more! When you go live on Version 2 you'll be sent a new manual, which you can still find within the system in the Tools section. If you have any questions you can always get hold of our support team, as normal, by phone or email.