Caseworker's Track Record of Delivery: An Update

We last posted about our track record of delivery back in 2017, so we thought now would be a good time to provide an update.

We've built from where we were back then by launching and opening an office in Australia to serve our clients out there. At the same time, we've increased our users in the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly - reaching a total of almost 65% of UK MPs using Caseworker. We've also seen big increases in the number of emails sent and received, cases created and overall data stored.

We've continued to deliver on our aims to make our users lives easier, make their workflow faster and make their data easier to understand. All while helping them deliver even more for their constituents.

Check out the graphic below to see some of our impressive stats from August 2019. While we're proud of our track record of delivery over the last 5 years - we've got big plans coming up, so stick with us!