Digital Transformation and Caseworker

Digital transformation has come increasingly into focus as a priority for councils around the UK as they seek new ways of working, in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the face of falling budgets. All of this while improving the standard of services! One of the most common ways of delivering successful digital transformation projects has been to work hand in hand with cloud software providers to provide both internal and external services. We’re at the forefront of replacing tired ways of working in the public sector, whether they’re paper based or rely on slow, complicated desktop software.

Elected Technologies has become experienced in delivering these cloud software solutions to Councils and other public bodies to transform how they deliver a variety of services in new ways. Our software has a number of advantages; primarily its cost-effectiveness and ease of use which allows for quick adoption from day one from even those who would normally consider themselves to be technophobic. Our pricing allows organisations to move with speed to put our services in place, and then users are able to hit the ground running straight away.

On top of this, Caseworker has a wide range of uses within your organisation, with the flexibility for you to be able to use one product to solve a variety of problems. Growing out of providing casework and correspondence management software to elected representatives, including Councillors, Elected Technologies is now well versed in providing software for a wide array of Council functions, including correspondence and complaint management, FOI/SAR management and financial inclusion outreach, in addition to Member support.

Who are Elected Technologies?

Elected Technologies was launched in 2015 to provide casework and correspondence management tools for MPs. After growing rapidly we now count 65% of all UK MPs as users of the Caseworker system, along with half of the Members of both the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, in addition to significant numbers of MLAs in Northern Ireland and MEPs.

As of August 2019 Caseworker is utilised by 3500 users, in almost 600 offices, to manage thousands of correspondence enquiries from constituents and to progress individual pieces of casework, each and every day. We have built this up over 4 years, on the back of word of mouth about a reliable, easy to use system that really delivers results.

As many members of staff for elected representatives work as councillors, or go on to work for other public bodies, we received a huge number of requests to provide a system like Caseworker for them too. That’s why we created

What can Caseworker do?

Elected Technologies, through our Caseworker products, can provide cloud solutions for numerous business areas. Our modular design ensures you can use Caseworker in one or multiple areas. This allows you to either choose a Council wide deployment, or slowly build up your use of the system, section by section. The similar user interface and workflows also make it easy for staff who work in multiple areas or move job roles to maintain familiarity with the software they’re using.

Correspondence and complaint management

Caseworker provides an easy place to log all correspondence, and ensure it’s responded to. Everything is taken inside one system, whether you’re dealing with email or letters, meaning users don’t need to keep switching back and forth between other programmes - it’s all in one place.

Staff can track the progress of complaints and correspondence from start to finish, in a clear, chronological way. Meanwhile the automatic logging allows you to monitor outcomes and reveals real statistical insight into what your staff are doing, and what your customers care about.

FOI/SAR management

FOI and SAR teams need a system where all requests can be logged, information can be gathered and then responses sent out within the statutory time scale. Caseworker allows all of this to be done in the clearest and simplest possible way.

Users can quickly log requests and set automatic review dates to ensure nothing is missed. Even better, the colour coded highlighting of requests ensures that users can’t miss exactly what they need to do, and in what order. This allows you to be certain everything is being dealt with properly, and according to the statutory requirements.

Councillor casework and member support

Caseworker grew out of the work Elected Technologies did with national and regional elected representatives, and Councillors who work with these representatives quickly started requesting a product design for their work too.

Since then we have worked with hundreds of Councillors around the UK as organisations like City of Edinburgh Council, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and the Great London Authority. We provide a platform for Councillors to manage the workload they get from their constituents, and for any support staff they have to work alongside them in one cloud based system.

Why Caseworker?

There are a huge number of reasons to partner with Elected Technologies to use Caseworker as your cloud software provider to achieve transformation in your organisation.

One reason is that, because of our small business attitude, we’re able to work with you to deliver the system as quickly as you want. While we have the dedication to partner with you at every step of the way to ensure that the software matchers our users needs, and is perfectly suited to the way they work - we can still turn around projects in a matter of weeks from first discussions to go live. If you want to move fast and get a wider digital transformation project off to a quick start, with high profile early wins, then we’re your ideal partner.

Because we’re experts at providing cloud services in a political market, where individual budgets are low, we have an unmatched ability to provide the high quality services required while keeping costs down. In addition with our per user pricing you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. You only need to pay what you need to use, and it’s easy to upscale or downgrade your number of users either on renewal or even mid year.

While we provide the speed and pricing of an off the shelf product, Caseworker maintains a high level of customizability too. That means we can accurately reflect the exact terminology and categorisation requirements of each organisation and the separate teams within that organisation. This leads to the workflows making sense to the users who need to make use of the system on a daily basis - encouraging uptake and minimising change. We recognise that every team is different, so we work to your requirements wherever possible, rather than forcing from outside.

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