How Caseworker Keeps You on Top of Your Workload

We’ve talked previously about how Caseworker can enhance your engagement with your constituents - but did you know that we can also help you keep on top of your workload, giving you what you need to deliver real results.

Every Councillor knows that queries to Council officers can sometimes be missed or deadlines for a response can pass. But it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be chased and when, especially if everything has different timescales. That’s unless you use Caseworker!

With Caseworker, every time you take an action - like sending an email to a Council officer - the system will ask you if you’d like to set a review date. That means that you’re always reminded to set a review date to follow it up if you don’t get a reply in the meantime.

When you’ve set a review date, and that date comes around two things will happen. Firstly you’ll see that case as a priority ‘for action’ case on your home page, so it will be immediately visible to you when you log in to the system. Secondly, you can set a preference in the system for you to get automatic emails on the day your review date comes up.

You are then able to prioritise your workload, focusing on the most urgent cases first - while being effortlessly reminded of which cases are still outstanding. With these two features you can keep your constituents happy, and ensure you never forget to chase a response ever again, no matter how much work you have!