How Caseworker helps you know what's going on in your area

Caseworker does so many things for you - including keeping Councillors on top of their workload, and enhancing their engagement with constituents. But the system also allows you to gain automatic insight into what’s really going on in your area. Because Caseworker allows you to log everything all in one place, in the simplest way possible, the system can automatically present you with all sorts of information about the issues your constituents care about. This can then be vitally important in influencing your work in the local community. The system provides a number of tools to give you insights »

How Caseworker Keeps You on Top of Your Workload

We’ve talked previously about how Caseworker can enhance your engagement with your constituents - but did you know that we can also help you keep on top of your workload, giving you what you need to deliver real results. Every Councillor knows that queries to Council officers can sometimes be missed or deadlines for a response can pass. But it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be chased and when, especially if everything has different timescales. That’s unless you use Caseworker! With Caseworker, every time you take an action - like sending an email to »

Caseworker 101 - Making a Note on a Case

Sometimes when you're managing your casework in Caseworker system you want to just make a note on a case, rather than writing an email or a letter. It's a simple process to do this on Caseworker. Just go to any case and at the top you'll see the new note box. Just click in the new note box, and start typing out your note. When you've finished just click 'save note' on the bottom right hand side. Now your note will be saved on your case, and it will be logged in chronological order with the rest of your actions. »

Caseworker 101 - The Case Page

When you're using Caseworker, a constituent's case page is where you'll be doing most of your work. This is where you go to write notes, attach files, scan documents, send emails and write letters. It's your hub of activity within the Caseworker system. Additionally you can also help yourself keep on top of the progress of casework and organise yourself from the case page using review dates and updating the status. If you want to find out more about how to complete your casework from within a case page, just watch the video below. »

Caseworker 101 - Creating a New Constituent and Case

In order to get up and running on Caseworker and to start making use of the system to track your correspondence and engagement with constituents - you'll need to know how to create new constituents and cases. If you'd like to find out how to start with this core feature of Caseworker, or if you want to refresh your mind about constituents and cases - just watch our short video below. »