Caseworker Support Update

We take great pride in the level of support we provide for our users. We think it's something offices appreciate, but it's also what they expect for software that they rely on to get their jobs done, especially during busy times like this. We've seen some big changes within our UK business since the General Election last year. More than 100 of our users stood down, or sadly lost their seats, while we have onboarded more than 300 new offices. After all this change we now have 750 offices all over the UK, and more than 4000 active users, many »

Caseworker's Track Record of Delivery: An Update

We last posted about our track record of delivery back in 2017, so we thought now would be a good time to provide an update. We've built from where we were back then by launching and opening an office in Australia to serve our clients out there. At the same time, we've increased our users in the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly - reaching a total of almost 65% of UK MPs using Caseworker. We've also seen big increases in the number of emails sent and received, cases created and overall data stored. We've continued to »

Caseworker Updates

We're always looking for ways to update and improve Caseworker, as we strive to continue providing a product that gets even more useful for all of our users. We are planning to release some of our bigger ideas with the coming launch of our Version 2 product, which we believe will be as revolutionary as Version 1 of Caseworker was. But big changes take a bit of time to get perfect! So that's why we have decided this week to roll out the first slightly smaller but, we believe, still really useful change to the Caseworker system. We've decided to »

Caseworker 101 - Most Recent Appearances

We know that MPs regularly get asked to submit written questions, or contribute to a debate in the Commons or Westminster Hall. WIth our system we hope to help you to move forward from solely reactive communication, and telling your constituents that you will say something. Instead, with our Most Recent Appearances section we hope to help you engage more proactively, and tell those who are interested in the subject what you've done. You'll find your Most Recent Appearances List at the bottom left side of your home page. Just click on any of these contributions, and you'll be taken »

Caseworker - A Track Record of Delivery

Despite launching just 3 years ago Caseworker has already produced an outstanding track record of unrivaled success. We wanted to share a few stats illustrating the impact we've had with our Caseworker products in Parliaments, Assemblies and Local Governments across the world. Wherever we've provided our systems, we've always made our users' lives easier, saved them time, and enabled them to deliver even more for their constituents. Maybe you could be the next happy user of Caseworker? »

Welcome Back

The General Election period is always a difficult and stressful time for MPs and their staff. We wanted to send a short message of thanks to all of those users who unfortunately weren't returned at the election, and a congratulations and welcome back to those who were. We know that this will be a busy time for everyone, and as usual our support team stands ready to help you get the most out of Caseworker as you get back into the swing of things after the election. If you have any problems, if you want assistance with anything or if »

UK Parliament Dissolution

With last week's announcement of the general election, every MP's office has had something extra to think about. But, we know that the every day urgent casework that MPs and their staff do for their constituents doesn't just go away! That's why Caseworker will be here to support you as normal in completing your important casework throughout dissolution. This means Caseworker will be accessible as normal through your web browser on whatever desktop, laptop or tablet device you want to use, and our dedicated support team will continue to be available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm during this period. » Livestream Demo

Earlier today we live streamed a demo of for UK MP staff who are unable to get to Westminster to attend our demo sessions. The stream covers all of's features including: Creating constituents using automated roll searching Using letter and email templates Dealing with incoming email and campaign emails Using review dates and tracking statuses Finding cases and taking bulk actions (email and letter mail merges) Statistics Surgeries Door Knocking Sheets »