What can Caseworker do for PCCs?

Caseworker is the system used by almost 65% of UK MPs, and many other elected representatives around the UK, to manage their casework and correspondence. Our products are now also utilised by Councils around the UK and increasingly, Police and Crime Commissioners. So why are more and more PCCs making use of Caseworker? Data In the modern world data has never been more important. You need to know who is interested in what, and where issues are cropping up in your region. With Caseworker, each time a constituent contacts you with a question about policy or asking for assistance with »

Are Councillors ready for GDPR?

You may already know that GDPR will bring big changes to how organisations and individuals manage the personal data they control. Now that we're just 7 months away from the regulation coming into effect, the time to start preparing is now. It's clear that the new rules will have a particular impact on the work of Councillors. Especially because so many currently manage correspondence, casework and the personal data they're provided in email clients, spreadsheets or just on paper. These methods of managing personal data can create real issues when complying with data protection regulations. It's unclear which data is »