Bulk Case Creation in Caseworker

We’ve just launched a new feature called bulk case creation, to help offices manage large numbers of emails in a different way. We wanted to let you know more about how it works, and why it works that way. Why bulk case creation? We know that campaign emails or, more generally, multiple emails on the same subject, take up a lot of time. That’s why we have always wanted to provide features to manage this type of correspondence, while trying to meet two main objectives. Firstly, to ensure constituents get a reply while minimising the impact on staff, »

Caseworker Support Update

We take great pride in the level of support we provide for our users. We think it's something offices appreciate, but it's also what they expect for software that they rely on to get their jobs done, especially during busy times like this. We've seen some big changes within our UK business since the General Election last year. More than 100 of our users stood down, or sadly lost their seats, while we have onboarded more than 300 new offices. After all this change we now have 750 offices all over the UK, and more than 4000 active users, many »

Caseworker's Track Record of Delivery: An Update

We last posted about our track record of delivery back in 2017, so we thought now would be a good time to provide an update. We've built from where we were back then by launching Caseworker.gov and opening an office in Australia to serve our clients out there. At the same time, we've increased our users in the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly - reaching a total of almost 65% of UK MPs using Caseworker. We've also seen big increases in the number of emails sent and received, cases created and overall data stored. We've continued to »

Voter.ID - Delivering campaign success in Mayo

On the 9th of May, Rebekha Sharkie resigned as the Federal Member for Mayo, one of many MPs forced to resign that week as a result of dual citizenship issues. After her announcement, most people assumed that the seat would return to Liberal hands and Liberal party donors flooded the seat with money. Local rumours put Liberal party spend in the seat as high as $1million, most likely outspending Rebekha Sharkie’s campaign by ten to one. Despite all of this, Rebekha and her team delivered an amazing result. Rebekha promised to be an independent voice from the "sensible Centre" »

Caseworker's Record Year

In the last 12 months we're proud to say that we've had record growth across all of our Caseworker products. Since March 2017 we've seen huge increases in the number of elected representatives we provide services for, the overall amount of data being stored in our systems and the level of correspondence we help them manage. These stats are yet more evidence of our impressive track record of delivering reliable services for elected representatives at all levels, from Councillors to MPs, all around the world. Most importantly we deliver these results and help elected representatives manage high volumes of correspondence »

Caseworker - A Track Record of Delivery

Despite launching just 3 years ago Caseworker has already produced an outstanding track record of unrivaled success. We wanted to share a few stats illustrating the impact we've had with our Caseworker products in Parliaments, Assemblies and Local Governments across the world. Wherever we've provided our systems, we've always made our users' lives easier, saved them time, and enabled them to deliver even more for their constituents. Maybe you could be the next happy user of Caseworker? »