What can Caseworker do for PCCs?

Caseworker is the system used by almost 65% of UK MPs, and many other elected representatives around the UK, to manage their casework and correspondence. Our products are now also utilised by Councils around the UK and increasingly, Police and Crime Commissioners. So why are more and more PCCs making use of Caseworker? Data In the modern world data has never been more important. You need to know who is interested in what, and where issues are cropping up in your region. With Caseworker, each time a constituent contacts you with a question about policy or asking for assistance with »

How Caseworker enhances your engagement

One of the great things about Caseworker.gov is that it helps Councillors manage engagement with their residents in the most efficient possible way. But the true value of Caseworker is that it doesn’t just provide you with an easy way to manage an issue and do the basics, it makes enhancing that engagement simple too. So, what exactly does Caseworker allow you to do that enhances your day to day work? What difference does it make? Let's say a Councillor has been contacted by multiple constituents about a number of problematic potholes on the High Street. Whenever you »

Incumbency and Caseworker: Part 2

If you've read Part 1 of this post, you know that casework is a vital point at which elected representatives interact with their constituents, and where long lasting impressions can be made. But how does Caseworker help? The basics Caseworker helps make a positive impact on how elected representatives are perceived by their constituents by making the basics as efficient as possible, and by making some more advanced engagement simple. The first thing Caseworker does is to make the day to day job of replying to people, and ensuring work gets done easy. We do this in a number of »

Incumbency and Caseworker: Part 1

Most Members of Parliament, and other elected representatives throughout the UK, often focus on incumbency in terms of raising their profile, getting their name out there, and building an image of an active member of the community, as well as a political representative. A central means of achieving this aim has traditionally been about appearing in local newspapers, however elected representatives increasingly want to supplement this by building a social media profile too. But engaging with either form of media primarily intends to show activity and engagement. It may focus on visiting local schools, clearing up a park, meeting with »