What can Caseworker do for PCCs?

Caseworker is the system used by almost 65% of UK MPs, and many other elected representatives around the UK, to manage their casework and correspondence. Our products are now also utilised by Councils around the UK and increasingly, Police and Crime Commissioners. So why are more and more PCCs making use of Caseworker? Data In the modern world data has never been more important. You need to know who is interested in what, and where issues are cropping up in your region. With Caseworker, each time a constituent contacts you with a question about policy or asking for assistance with »

How Caseworker Keeps You on Top of Your Workload

We’ve talked previously about how Caseworker can enhance your engagement with your constituents - but did you know that we can also help you keep on top of your workload, giving you what you need to deliver real results. Every Councillor knows that queries to Council officers can sometimes be missed or deadlines for a response can pass. But it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be chased and when, especially if everything has different timescales. That’s unless you use Caseworker! With Caseworker, every time you take an action - like sending an email to »

Caseworker 101 - Review Dates

Review dates are a really simple method of keeping on top of your casework. You can use them to nudge yourself to take an action on a case or to chase a response from a third party. Using review dates is simple. Each time you take an action in Caseworker, the system will ask you if you want to set a review date. Just click on the 'set review date' section of one of these pop ups and it will set the review date. Alternatively you can find a separate review date section in the case details at the top »