How Caseworker helps you know what's going on in your area

Caseworker does so many things for you - including keeping Councillors on top of their workload, and enhancing their engagement with constituents. But the system also allows you to gain automatic insight into what’s really going on in your area. Because Caseworker allows you to log everything all in one place, in the simplest way possible, the system can automatically present you with all sorts of information about the issues your constituents care about. This can then be vitally important in influencing your work in the local community. The system provides a number of tools to give you insights »

Caseworker 101 - Statistics Page

While using Caseworker, you're likely to have noticed the statistics page. This page is a useful tool to analyse what you're being contacted about, and how you're being contacted in the time period you choose - as well as how the workload is managed in your office. To find out a bit more about what your statistics page can do, just watch the video below. »