Using Caseworker for FOIs

Elected Technologies has a long and successful track record of providing software solutions to specific problems faced by our clients. We started out providing correspondence and case management systems in the UK Parliament, and have quickly expanded to elected representatives in Scotland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand.

After delivering real results in this area, we were then asked to start providing solutions to Councils too. Now we're looking to expand the services we provide to these local authorities, starting with FOI requests. It's this new FOI system that we're going to outline below.

Creating a Request

Our focus for all Caseworker products is to make them as easy to use as possible. After all, you can't benefit from the efficiencies of the system if you find it tough to get going in the first place.

We've kept that simplicity going with Caseworker's FOI tools. Whether you're starting a request from an email or letter, you'll find the efficient and clear interface enables you to log everything quickly according to the categorisations that make sense to you.

You will be able to quickly log all of the information you need, and you'll also notice that you can select the date the request was opened on. This will correctly trigger your default due date to ensure everything is progressed in time to comply with statutory requirements.

Home Page

Once you've started your cases you'll need to be able to manage them, and make sure you're entirely on track from start to finish. That's where our automatic due dates come in handy.

When you go to the 'Home' page you'll see a list of your open requests, and information about their progress. If they are up to one week from being due, they will be highlighted amber, as shown below, if they are up to two weeks from being due, they will be highlighted green.

If a due date is triggered - meaning it is either due today, or it is due tomorrow - then it will override your open requests, and show you the overdue requests instead. Those requests will be highlighted in red as shown below.

Cases Page

If you want a full overview of every request, or if you want to see old requests, edit the date range or just narrow down by the filter options then you can go to the 'Requests' page.


Of course for the system to be most effective for you, it needs to be set up exactly as you want it to be.

That's why we undertake a discovery day to understand exactly how you want it to be configured and to ensure the language of case types, categories and statuses make perfect sense to you. Our wide range of customisation options, and our in depth efforts to understand your way of working means the product truly meets your needs, not someone else's.


Caseworker's pricing is always affordable, and we aim to ensure it represents exactly how you use the system. That's why we use per user pricing, as well as separating out the setup and discovery costs as one off charges. This means that from Year 2 onwards, you'll only need to cover the costs of your users in the system.

If you want to find out more about how to use Caseworker for FOIs, or any other Council service why not send a quick email to our sales team today?