What can Caseworker do for PCCs?

Caseworker is the system used by almost 65% of UK MPs, and many other elected representatives around the UK, to manage their casework and correspondence. Our products are now also utilised by Councils around the UK and increasingly, Police and Crime Commissioners. So why are more and more PCCs making use of Caseworker?


In the modern world data has never been more important. You need to know who is interested in what, and where issues are cropping up in your region.

With Caseworker, each time a constituent contacts you with a question about policy or asking for assistance with an issue, all the data will be automatically generated in the system. Because of this you can filter cases by whatever terms you wish, or just make use of auto-generated stats to understand exactly what is concerning your constituents.

Many PCCs cover large geographic areas, containing many different towns and villages, or just varied parts of entire cities. With Caseworker you'll see all of your interactions logged onto our cases map, letting you know exactly which areas are contacting you about which issues - giving you valuable insight into the priorities of different areas. The map can also be filtered by 'case types', policy areas that you select for your own system as part of the set up process.


The personalisation that you can achieve with Caseworker is another area where the system really delivers for PCCs. You're not forced into any categorisation or way of working.

All of your case types, which signify the policy areas enquiries relate to, can be chosen by your office. You can set up what we call categories to further split out enquiries into things like campaigns, policy, casework, event invitations, FOIs, press enquiries - anything you want, that you think will be useful to track inside the system. You can also rename the case statuses to reflect your own vision for your workflow within the system.


Finally, Caseworker provides you with an accurate, reliable and easy to use system to help you track everything that comes through your office. It gives you with the control of knowing you're providing the best possible service to everyone who contacts you.

The system enables your users to not just monitor the progress of issues and enquiries to keep things moving forward, but also to set review reminders to ensure nothing gets missed, and everything is followed up.


Caseworker can do all of this, and more. After all, Elected Technologies has unrivaled experience of delivering software for elected representatives around the UK, at all levels. That's why PCCs around the country are already using Caseworker. So, why not have a chat with our team today to find out what we can do for you?